Come visit us every Saturd​ay from 9am-2pm at the Spenard farmers market in the Koots parking lot, and every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm at the Fire Island market, Located: 2530 E 16th Ave. On the corner of 16th and Logan St. in Anchorage. 


We have a nice verity of greens!  

Such as: spinach, salad mix, kale, arugula, red orach, turnips and turnip greens, beet greens, radishes, tomatoes, peas and much more to come!






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Vegetables may vary depending on seasons.

Fresh produce, heirloom tomatoes, seasonal salads, and fresh picked herbs!

Four Tern Farm is a farm with a vision. Alaska is dead last is agricultural production in America.  Almost everything most Alaskans eat was grown elsewhere, loaded on a barge, and hauled to Alaska.  We aren't just here to grow food - we are here to change the way food is grown in Alaska.  We have thrown out everything we were told about agriculture in Alaska.  When most farms are just begining to plant we are already harvesting.  When most farms are done for the season we are seeding our cold tolerant fall crops.  Other farms have equipment that needs repair; we don't own a tractor or even a  gas powered rototiller.  Farming is our passion, food is our passion, and, above all, Alaska is our passion.  We are rewriting the rules at our farm to recreate Alaska's food system to be healthier, fresher, tastier, and more sustainable.  Join us as we change how Alaskans eat, one salad at a time. 


We grow a wide variety of tomatoes, but all of them have been selected for great tomato flavor.  Among our favorites are sungold cherry, black krim, stupice, and a number of old Italian varieties.  Our tomatoes are planted in January and kept in the nursery until it's safe them move them into our production greenhouse.  We leave them on the vine until they are fully ripe, ensuring the best flavor possible. 

Seasonal Sustainable Salads

Craving flavorful, nutrient-dense salad mixes?  We have them!  We grow a wide variety of lettuces, spinach, baby kale, asian greens, traditional and wild argula, mustards, and other cool weather greens.  Our salads are carefully packed for maximum freshness.  Unlike salads at the store ours are cut the day before you buy them and will last far longer than store greens.  Once you have had our spring spinach that was kissed by a March frost (yes, you read that correctly) or carrots sweetened by October's freeze you'll never want store produce again.

Vegetables, flowers and herbs

Our focus is salads and tomatoes, but we also grow other crops, including radishes, hakurei turnips, baby beets, and baby carrots, as well as a variety of herbs.  Basil, cilantro, chives, parsley, dill, mint, and others complement your fresh Alaska seafood and salads. 

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