About Us

Four Tern Farm was founded by two people who didn't know this couldn't be done.   After years of working in high stress, high pressure jobs in the legal and oil industries we were both done with it all after the 2016 oil price crash.  After a healthy vacation to ancestral Quebec we began working in earnest on the farm. 


We bought land and started turning it into the farm in May 2014.  At that time we didn't realize it was destined to be a farm.   After building a home by ourselves we turned our attention to becoming more self sufficient and began clearing land, burying stumps, and composting plant debris.  During July 2016 we built a greenhouse for tomato production and put in the garden.  We are still expanding, and intend to cultivate as much our our homestead as we can.  We have recently added two bee hives, and intend to add rabbits and chicken for both food and soil fertility. 

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